14 Shows We’ll Be Saying Goodbye to in 2018

It’s always sad when your favorite show goes off the air. Most of the time, shows are unceremoniously canceled with very little notice. But sometimes, TV shows and their creators are aware going into the final season that it’s the last one, which lets them wrap things up nicely. Such is the case with all the shows we know will be ending in 2018, from getting a two-hour movie wrap-up, like Being Mary Jane, to knowing several years ago that the 2018 season would be the last, like Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, to knowing the final season is coming . . . just not exactly when. Here are 14 shows taking their final bow in 2018.

NOTE: Game of Thrones doesn’t have an official premiere date for its final season, but it will likely return in 2019. If it does happen to debut in 2018 (fingers crossed), we’ll add it to the list!



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