17 Pictures That Prove Blorange Is the Trendy Hair Color Here to Stay

Blorange: the beauty industry’s clever name for the rainbow hair color that simultaneously resembles a blood orange, blends together red and orange hues, and also looks exactly like the beloved peach emoji. Say it again with us now: “Blorange.”

In 2016, Georgia May Jagger transformed her naturally blond hair after Bleach London’s Alex Brownsell dyed it the aforementioned color. Jagger promptly shared it with her Instagram followers and her one-word caption seems to have sparked an entirely new beauty buzz term. While Bleach London likened the shade to a persimmon, “blorange” really took off. Now, BuzzFeed has deemed blorange the color of 2017 – and we have to agree.

While blorange hair does bear a likeness to rose gold hair and the bellini-inspired color popularized last year, it’s different in that the orange and red tones are really emphasized and ultimately achieve a less feminine and more edgy look.

According to Matrix Style Link celebrity colorist George Papanikolas, this color is simple to achieve if you’re starting with a blond or strawberry blond base. “This is a great look for blondes who want a temporary change,” he noted. “I formulate a combination of golden-copper Matrix Color Sync and Matrix Color Sync Watercolors in Pink Quartz to get the end result.”

Women with naturally or dyed deeper strands will need to pre-lighten their hair to get to this pale coppery hue, so Papanikolas urges those prone to hair damage to take that into consideration. He also remarked that blorange color is very delicate, so will fade quickly. “They usually last about 20 shampoos, which is great if you are nervous about commitment, but high maintenance if you love it and want to maintain it,” he explained. “Multiple layers of the color usually help it adhere longer.”

Papanikolas added that blorange looks especially flattering on cool, fair complexions, but can also suit golden skin tones. “People with red undertones should avoid it,” he warned. This makes sense, as your hair’s peach hues will draw out those undertones in your skin, making you look even ruddier. But if a blorange mane is your dream, don’t let your complexion stop you! Look ahead for some of our favorite variations of the creamsicle color.

– Additional reporting by Emily Orofino


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