18 Fashion Rules For 2018 to Trust Like the Back of Your Hand

Don’t think of these rules as requirements for what to wear in 2018. Instead, think of them as a sign of encouragement. They should make you feel like the fashion world is a democratic community where your outfit choice is your own. We’re just giving you the tools you need to wear your personality on your sleeve when you get dressed.

Knowing that blue mixes with black and going sheer is a balancing act doesn’t mean you can’t work a monochrome look or bare your bum in a see-through skirt without investing in the proper panties – you totally can. We’re only suggesting you keep sophistication in mind, memorize the style codes ahead, and, well, maybe shop a little bit too. In 2018, fashion should make you happy. If we could slap one overarching rule on this post, that would be it.



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