5 Guns Militaries Around the World Want in a War

    Kyle Mizokami

    Security, North America

    The 5 best. 

    The world’s armies still rely on semi-automatic handguns. Despite a revolution in firepower that has seen ground forces implement fully automatic carbines and assault rifles, pistols are still issued in large numbers. Pistols are weapons of last resort for soldiers who don’t fight on the front lines and for whom an assault rifle would just get in the way of their real jobs—but who might occasionally need a weapon to defend themselves.

    In military service, handguns are used by a wide variety of noncombat troops. Military pilots carry handguns for self-defense in the event they crash or are shot down. Officers carry handguns, both for self-defense and as a symbol of their authority and enforcer of discipline on the battlefield. Truck drivers, tankers, medics and heavy weapons crews are also issued handguns. On the extreme en, military special forces carry handguns, often trained to use them offensively in close quarters combat. Here are five of the best service pistols in use today.

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    Sig Sauer P320

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