6 Innovative Gadgets For Every Beauty-Lover

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t lean on tech to make our lives easier. Seriously: We’d literally be lost without our maps app. But when it comes to our beauty routines, as much as we’d like to use gadgets exclusively, some techniques can’t quite be replicated by tools (for instance, dabbing potted rouge on our cheeks just so to achieve a “natural” flush). What they can do quite well, however, is simplify — and improve — our daily routines.

With so many devices on the market (and many of them ringing up in the triple digits), knowing how to distinguish true game-changers from gimmicks is beneficial to both your beauty routine and your bank account. To do just that, we’ve rounded up the new tech on the beauty block that’s worth every hard-earned penny. From a portable microcurrent device that lifts in just five minutes to the Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer, which dries super-fast and protects against extreme heat damage, these are the picks you’ll want in your tool kit, stat. The calendar may say 2017, but these gadgets are living in the future.

This rose-gold toning device may look pretty, but its benefits reach far beyond skin-deep. Described as a beginner’s step into microcurrent treatments, it stimulates, lifts, and firms skin. You can use it up to five minutes a day (in tandem with the gel primer); like practice makes perfect, regular use yields the best results.

NuFACE, $ 225, available at Sephora

There’s a reason why this sleek blowdryer is all over your Insta feed. It delivers high shine and precision styling at lightning-quick speeds — meaning, it’s seriously worth the hype. Plus, special technology checks air temperature 20 times per second (just let that sink in for a minute) to make sure it never reaches extreme hair-damaging temps. Your strands will surely thank you.

Dyson, $ 399, available at Dyson

Forget all those minutes spent tirelessly beauty-blending — this airbrush device makes putting on foundation the quickest step, ever. Simply select a foundation shade pod (the line also offers blush and highlighters), insert it into the device, and spray on your makeup. The superfine mist will give you that flawless, airbrushed effect straight out of your favorite glossy.

Temptu, $ 195, available at Net-A-Porter

This cute, carry-on-friendly device reduces dark circles, crow’s feet, and fine lines by delivering a gentle massage to the most sensitive area on your face (read: your undereyes). It increases circulation, aids in the absorption of serums and creams, and comes in three fun colors.

Foreo, $ 139, available at Sephora

Clarisonic is long-heralded for delivering top-of-the-line cleansing brushes, but the brand’s latest tool really ups the ante considering it both cleanses and firms. To tighten skin and reduce fine lines, start the smart-mode timer and gently massage your forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck, and décolleté. To cleanse, simply wet the brush, add face wash, and work the tool around your face in small circles.

Clarisonic, $ 349, available at Sephora

Prefer to rock bare legs and underarms without performing the balancing act of shaving in your tiny apartment bathroom? This powerful at-home hair-removal laser might just be your solution. Simply select a treatment level based on your comfort, and apply the laser to your desired area to permanently reduce hair growth after eight treatments.

Tria Beauty, $ 299, available at Tria Beauty

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