A Comprehensive Road Map To Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Consider the amount of times Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have dated, broken up, gotten back together, then parted ways again. Multiply that number by 12 — and that is about how many tattoos we’d guess Bieber has in his collection. (So… 4,183??)

The singer acquired his first piece of ink — a tiny seagull on his hip — at the tender age of 16. Since then, he’s amassed more body art than your average member of the Hells Angels — each one with its own special, and sometimes spiritual, meaning. But unless you’re very familiar with his Calvin Klein underwear ads or relentlessly stalk his Instagram feed, it’s easy to lose track of his laundry list of tattoos.

So in honor of him turning the big 2-4 today, and because we may never know if Gomez is throwing the “Sorry” singer a surprise birthday bash, we’ve mapped out the best of Bieber’s ink for your viewing pleasure, ahead. Time to put on your party (and probably drop-crotch) pants.

Left Leg (Front)

1: “Better at 70

Left Leg (Back)

2: Portrait of Jesus

3: Prayer hands

4: Roses

Right Wrist (Front)

5: Diamond

6: Graffiti star

7: Cartoon fish

8: Hand throwing a peace sign

Left Wrist (Front)

9: Roses

10: Owl

11: Koi

12: Selena Gomez with angel wings

Right Forearm

13: Fish scales

14: Jester

15: “LOVE”

16: Chinese character for “music”

17: “TRUST”

18: Crossing guns with the words “Make ‘Em Pay

19: The letter “G”

20: Two hashtags

21: Boombox

22: Smiling Korean mask

23: “Bieber” in Korean

Left Forearm

24: Angel wing

25: Shooting star

26: Knight with sword

27: Globe on a cross

28: His mother’s eye


30: Castle on the ocean


31: The letter “X”

32: Compass

33: Mascot of Stratford Cullitons hockey team

34: Angel wings

35: Psalm 119:105 verse: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

36: Super Mario ghost Boo

37: Magic 8 ball

38: Banksy’s Balloon Girl

39: Spade

Right Side (Neck & Bicep)


41: Angel holding compass

42: Clouds, rose, and various shading

43: Red heart

44: Rose

45: Cherub

Left Side (Neck & Bicep)

46: Yeshua, the Hebrew lettering for “Jesus”

47: Tiny cross

48: Treble clef

49: Eagle spreading its wings

50: Growling tiger


51: Seagull

52: Crown

53: Roman numerals 1975, the year his mother was born

54: Cross


56: The letters “LL”


58: “SON OF GOD”

59: Golden Eagle

60: Lion

61: Growling bear

62: Church mural, skeleton, and clouds

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