Amazon Music Unlimited expands to 28 new markets in Europe and Latin America

A little more than a year after launching in the U.S., Amazon has announced that its Amazon Music Unlimited on-demand music streaming service is arriving in 28 new markets from today.

The ecommerce giant first introduced its Spotify competitor to its domestic market in October last year, with four core plans: $ 4/ month for access on a single Echo device; a discounted $ 8/month for access on any compatible device with a Prime subscription; and $ 10/month for everyone else. Amazon later launched a family plan for multiple users for $ 15/month. The service then expanded into Europe, including the U.K., Germany, and Austria, followed by Japan last month.

Now, Amazon Music Unlimited is landing in nearly 30 new markets across Europe and Latin America, including Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Finland, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Uruguay.

Amazon Music Unlimited is basically an extension of Amazon’s existing Prime Music service, which offers a limited selection of tracks as part of Amazon’s annual Prime membership. Indeed, today Prime Music is still available in some markets where Amazon Music Unlimited isn’t, such as Canada. But with Amazon Music Unlimited, the company is taking on the big guns of the music-streaming realm, like Spotify and Apple Music, with an unshackled, all-encompassing service featuring 40 million tracks on-demand.

Central to the goal with Amazon Music is Amazon’s fast-growing line of Alexa-powered Echo speakers, which were among the company’s top-selling devices over Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Users can request specific songs, artists, or genres by simply asking Alexa. Additionally, a few months back Amazon made Alexa available in the Amazon Music app for those without Echo speakers.

However, Alexa is still only conversant in English, German, and Japanese, so one can only assume that those verbally requesting songs from Amazon Music Unlimited in the new markets will have to speak a language other than their native tongue. But the visual display on the Amazon Music player will display information in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

With these new market launches, Amazon said that it will offer three subscription plans, with prices varying by country. These will be structured similarly to the options elsewhere and will include a low-priced Echo-only plan.



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