Android Pay launches in Brazil, its first Latin American market

Google has launched Android Pay in Brazil and the Czech Republic, representing the 16th and 17th countries respectively to get the internet giant’s mobile payments service.

We already knew that Android Pay would land in Brazil some time in 2017, and today’s launch comes just a few weeks after it arrived in the Ukraine, while there has been a number of other major market launches this year including Russia, Canada, and Spain. Android Pay is also scheduled to roll out in Slovakia shortly.

Brazil represents a major launch for Android Pay, as it not only has a huge population of more than 200 million people, but it’s the first Latin American market to gain access to the service. While Apple Pay has been rumored for a Brazil launch for a while, it has yet to materialize, but in a country dominated by Android, Google’s payment service may be better received by more people. It’s worth noting here that Samsung too has been pushing its own Samsung Pay service through its own Galaxy-branded handsets, and this launched in Brazil more than a year ago.

Google has also beaten both Apple and Samsung to launch its payments service in the Czech Republic, a country with a population of around 10 million people.



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