Bannon: Roy Moore Is a Bannonite on Foreign Policy Too

    Curt Mills

    Politics, North America

    Steve Bannon speaks to the crowd prior to Republican candidate Roy Moore greeting the crowd of supporters after defeating incumbent Luther Strange to his supporters at the RSA Activity center in Montgomery, Alabama

    Moore espouses foreign policy restraint, but his record, like Bannon’s, indicates a deep concern over Iran and Islam.

    On foreign policy, Judge Roy Moore is a Bannonite. So says the ideology’s namesake. Moore, a staunch social conservative, has mainly developed a domestic political profile in his public career so far. But Steve Bannon told me Wednesday afternoon that he and Moore, who defeated Sen. Luther Strange (whom President Trump had backed) for the Republican primary nomination in Alabama on Tuesday, see eye to eye on global affairs, as well, and that, “yes,” he is every bit the Bannonite on foreign policy.

    A request for comment to Judge Moore’s campaign was not immediately returned Wednesday.

    Moore, the twice-ousted Alabama Chief Justice, is likely headed to the United States Senate. Bannon and the Trump movement have often been depicted as essentially non-interventionist. My recent reporting indicates a caveat to that, however. While Bannon and his cohort might differ with “the blob” on confronting Kim Jong Un in North Korea or Bashar al-Assad in Syria or Vladimir Putin in Russia, they are much more suspicious of the government of Iran. This distrust appears to be rooted in a distrust of the politics of the religion of Islam itself; namechecking “radical Islamic terrorism” remains a critical litmus test for the Breitbart crowd.

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