Bigscreen’s new update adds support for 12 players

It’s time for another Bigscreen update, and this latest edition makes the social VR app even, well, bigger.

The Big Room Update, as it’s called, includes some key new features. Perhaps the best addition is support for up to 12 users in three new expanded environments, all based off of pre-existing scenes. Previously the app had supported up to four people in a room in the smaller rooms. In these larger spaces, only the host is able to stream content to the virtual display and they’ll need an internet connection of 10Mbps upload or better to do it.

As for the environments, there’s ‘Big’ versions of the Campfire, Cinema and Balcony to explore. Finally, Bigscreen’s developers have added some huge performance improvements. This was done by rebuilding environments to be better optimized and reducing the amount of CPU power adding new people to a room would take.

You can get Bigscreen for free in Beta form right now on both Steam and Oculus Home. A post on Reddit announcing the update also noted that more big news is on the way in the next two weeks concerning movie nights and finally bringing the app to mobile VR headsets.

This story originally appeared on Copyright 2018



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