Could Lockheed Martin Build Canada’s Navy a New Frigate?

    Dave Majumdar


    Coming soon to an ocean near you? 

    Lockheed Martin has delivered a proposal to the Canadian government to build a new frigate based on the British Type 26 Global Combat Ship design to fill Ottawa’s Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) requirement.

    Although Lockheed Martin Canada is leading the team, the Type 26 is a British vessel that was designed by BAE Systems. The first of eight planned Type 26 frigates is currently under construction for the British Royal Navy and promises to be a capable vessel if Canada adopts it.

    “The Type 26 Global Combat Ship is a flexible, next generation warship design which offers a low risk and affordable solution for the Canadian Surface Combatant program,” Anne Healey, BAE Systems’ country director for Canada said in a statement. “With the UK Type 26 program running ahead of CSC, our Canadian ship will benefit from lessons learnt on the UK program. This schedule also allows Type 26 the opportunity to be the most advanced Canadian Surface Combatant.”

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    Lockheed Martin, BAE and the host of Canadian, European and American firms have modified the basic Type 26 design for Canada’s requirements. Chief among the modifications is the addition of the indigenous Canadian-designed CMS 30 combat management system, which is currently installed onboard the upgraded Halifax-class frigates that are the mainstay of the Canadian fleet.

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