Family’s Color-Coded Signed Thanksgiving Tablecloth Is the Holiday Tradition You Need to Start Now

“We started this tablecloth in 2000. It has the names of everyone we’ve shared Thanksgiving with each year. Each year is…

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Whether you’re looking for a new family tradition to start this holiday season or not, you’re about to adopt Deb Mills’s family’s Thanksgiving tablecloth tradition. Every year since 2000, the members of her family and all of their guests have sat around the Thanksgiving table covered in the same white tablecloth and – in a different color each year – signed their name directly on the cloth.

“It has the names of everyone we’ve shared Thanksgiving with each year,” she wrote in a Facebook post shared to the Love What Matters page. “Each year is a different color. I am so grateful to have the signatures of those who have left us . . . Mom, David’s dad, our daughter Mary. It has scribbles of grands and special messages. Everyone signs it at our Thanksgiving and then I embroider it each year and it is quite a treasure to me. Along the edge is a key of what color goes with what year. Thanksgiving is this weekend at our house so we are ready for a new set of signatures.”

We can’t get enough of this sweet tradition and may or may not be headed out to grab a white tablecloth of our very own right now.



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