Google’s new payment service speeds up mobile checkouts on Android

Google is officially launching a new payment service designed to make it easier for shoppers to complete the checkout process across myriad online merchants on Android devices.

The internet giant teased the new service back in May with the launch of the Google Payment API, allowing merchants to offer a much simpler way for consumers to enter their payment details at the checkout.

When users hit the “Pay with Google” button in an app or mobile website on Chrome, they can choose any card that is already associated with their Google account, be it from Google Play or Android Pay, enter a security code or authenticate using their Android device, and then that’s pretty much it. Google basically then autofills their payment information and shipping details, circumventing the need for manual input.

Above: Pay with Google

The API has only been available to those who signed up for early access, but from today Google is making it available to any merchant.

Merchants on board already include Airbnb, DoorDash, Deliveroo, and Instacart, and anyone else wishing to sign up can do so by implementing a few lines of code — Google doesn’t take any transaction fees either.

Above: Pay with Google: Instacart

It’s worth noting here that this is different to the existing Android Pay API that already companies to integrate Android Pay into their apps — the “Pay with Google” service is more about saving you time and hassle when paying merchants by automatically reeling in your payment and shipping details.



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