Here’s What Rihanna Eats, According to Her Personal Chef

Have you ever wondered what pop stars eat and who actually cooks for them? Bon Appétit recently interviewed Debbie Solomon, personal chef of Rihanna, and asked her everything from how she landed the job to the diverse foods she makes for the pop star. The Jamaican-born chef cooks for the singer on tour, at home, for parties, and for everything in between. Chef Solomon said Rihanna is “a moody eater” and craves specific foods every day, so she doesn’t plan weekly menus and cooks on the fly. Rihanna eats “every protein that you can think of” along with “vegetables, rice, and pasta.” “There shouldn’t be shame in eating food . . . I won’t waste my calories on bullsh*t,” Solomon told Bon Appétit. Read the full, intriguing interview, and take a look at these mouthwatering dishes Solomon has prepared for Rihanna!



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