Homeowners In These States Are Most Likely To Move This Spring

    As it turns out, homeowners in storm-battered Houston aren’t selling their homes in nearly as large numbers as people from certain high-tax blue states, which are facing higher taxes thanks to the Trump tax plan. To wit, ATTOM Data Solutions has published an index that purports to show areas where Americans are moving away en masse. According to their rankings, blue-state Nevada and Delaware are the two states that will see the largest outflows of families in the immediate future. They’re followed by Florida, Colorado and Virginia.

    To achieve its scores, ATTOM bases its “pre-mover” housing index on its own trademark calculation: The ratio of homes that will, by ATTOM’s estimation, likely be sold in the next 90 days compared with the total number of single family homes and condos in a given area. To arrive at its sales estimate, ATTOM analyzes home-loan data that’s reported by banks.


    Colorado Springs, Colo.

    Of the 118 metropolitan areas analyzed for its report, Colorado Springs, Colo., Manchester-Nashua, New Hampshire, El Paso, Texas, Washington DC and Orlando Florida had the highest “pre-mover” rankings.

    Metropolitan areas with the lowest pre-mover ranking included Cleveland, Ohio, Rochester, New York; Boston, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Penn. and Providence, Rhode Island.

    Among the 314 counties analyzed for the report, those with the highest pre-mover index were Henry County, Georgia, El Paso County, Colorado, Jacksonville County, North Carolina and Spotsylvania County, Virginia and Osceola County, Florida.

    Meanwhile, those with the lowest pre-mover index were Erie County, New York, Sedgwick County, Kansas, San Mateo County, California, Wayne County, Michigan, and Queens County, New York.

    Home prices in the the areas with lower pre-mover scores tend to be higher than their counterparts with higher scores. The average value of homes bought by pre-movers in the counties with the highest pre-mover index scores was $ 269,766, while the average value of homes sought by pre-movers in the top 10 counties with the lowest scores was $ 404,621.



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