Is the North Korea–Trump Summit Dead?

    TNI Staff

    Security, Asia

    U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks during the Prison Reform Summit at the White House in Washington

    Jacob Heilbrunn and Harry Kazianis discuss the prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

    Editor’s Note: In our latest Facebook Live interview (please like our Facebook page to see more of these events) Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of the National Interest, and Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest, discuss whether there will even be a Trump-Kim summit and the prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

    Harry Kazianis recently wrote an article arguing that the United States should contain North Korea. An excerpt of the article can be found below:

    A SPECTER is haunting Washington—the specter of nuclear war with North Korea. The idea that the Trump administration should endorse a military solution—and a full-blown war if necessary—to degrade or destroy North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program is acquiring a new prominence. Advocates of war argue that the time to hit North Korea is now. They say that time is running out, and that Pyongyang will soon perfect its ability to attack America. Their contention is that America can knock out North Korea’s nuclear program with some “shock and awe”–style bolt from the blue. Finally, they say that a war “over there” would be better than the death of innocent Americans “over here.”

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