John Mayer Knows A Thing Or Two About Self-Care — & Baths

There’s been more than one occasion in which I’ve used a Lush bath bomb. But there’s been even more instances in which I’ve imagined John Mayer sitting next to me in a bath of Lush products. Up until now, that idea existed only in my mind. Then, Mayer posted to Instagram his latest beauty tip — no, not that loneliness wards off wrinkles — and my favorite dream became a reality.

Mayer, a 40-year-old musician who spends most of his time vlogging or playing with Dead & Company, just shared a go-to beauty product we could all appreciate. The “Search for Everything” singer posted a photo to his Instagram stories last night of Lush’s Intergalactic bath bomb with the caption, “Oh hell yes” — a sentiment we’ve all probably felt before stepping into the tub. The next post included his bath of Intergalactic’s exploding colors and peppermint oil aroma, and a confirmation that, finally, Mayer now gets the bath bomb hype. And although he’s certainly not the first to come to appreciate the brand (Harry Styles is allegedly also a fan), his nighttime regimen is easy enough to adopt ourselves.

Photo: Via @johnmayer.
Photo: Via @johnmayer.

Self-care is possibly the buzziest beauty trend sweeping the industry this year — and for good reason. Everyone deserves a minute to just check out, turn off, and unwind. For Mayer, that means turning on some Daniel Caesar (good choice) and soaking in the candy-colored water of a Lush bath bomb. And while he’s always had a knack for identifying fragrance on unsuspecting people, it looks as if this year, he’ll be focusing his energy on the beauty regimes that matter.

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