Off the Rails: Trump’s Disappointing Infrastructure Proposal

    Allison Preiss

    Politics, North America

    U.S. President Donald Trump announces his $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan to the crowd during a rally alongside the Ohio River at the Rivertowne Marina in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Trump’s infrastructure plan, while long delayed, reflects absolutely none of the thoughtfulness and bipartisan compromise needed for such a proposal to pass Congress.

    In October 2016, candidate Trump pledged that he would work with Congress in the first hundred days of his administration to spur $ 1 trillion in infrastructure investment months late. With at least one so-called “Infrastructure Week” derailed by the president’s tweets and turmoil, the White House finally unveiled its infrastructure plan. Like so much of the Trump presidency, the reality has failed to live up the hype: it’s a proposal that has turned out to be uninspiring.

    After Trump’s election, infrastructure was supposed to be an issue for Republicans and Democrats to unite around. With little else on the table for bipartisan consensus—and with a self-proclaimed “builder” in the White House—it was only natural to think that both parties could get behind a cause that Democratic presidents and members of Congress have long touted. The plan released by the White House, however, couldn’t be more polarizing.

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