Ranked: 5 Most Deadly Fictional Warplanes

    Task and Purpose, Brad Howard

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    Who takes the top prize? 

    There are few sights more exciting than a futuristic fighter jet tearing across a clear blue sky. In video games, movies, and comic books, these slices of imagination dominate the skies and look good doing it. And whether or not they’re hitting Mach 3 during an attack run against invading aliens or attempting to topple some genocidal giant robots, it’s nice to know that the Pentagon can always just turn to Netflix for inspiration when it starts dreaming up the warplanes of the future.

    Here are our top 5 favorite fictional warplanes, and why we love them so damn much.

    5. The Mutant Express: The SR-77 ‘X-Jet’ Blackbird

    The various iterations of the SR-77 that’s the preferred delivery vehicle of the brightly-costumed multinational paramilitary squads is the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird that’s remained the stuff of aviation fanboys’ dreams for years.

    Although the SR-71 was a made for unarmed high-speed reconnaissance, the SR-77 featured in various X-men comics had internal weapons bays, and field leaders Storm and Cyclops ingeniously modified the aircraft so they could stop enemies cold by using their powerful abilities. In one iconic case, the Russian X-Men Colossus chucked Wolverine out of the X-Jet like an angry adamantium missile in one of the best ‘Fastball Specials’ ever written.

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