Russia Wants a New Infantry Fighting Vehicle

    Charlie Gao

    Security, Europe

    But will it happen is another question. 

    One of the more interesting parts of the most recent Russian “State Defense Order” (GOZ) is the adoption of the BMPT (Infantry Fighting Vehicle – Tank). Twelve BMPT armored fighting vehicles have been ordered, marking the first time the Russian military has actually ordered a dedicated heavily armored infantry-suppression vehicle. Such vehicles have been in development since the 1980s, as a result of the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Multi-turreted, bristling with weaponry and featuring crews of up to seven people (more than twice the standard Soviet three-man tank crew), these designs could be seen as a partial revival of the “land battleship” concept that the Soviet Union developed in the 1930s. The original designs for the BMPT, Object 781, had two independently targetable thirty-millimeter cannons and two independently targetable thirty-millimeter grenade launchers, in addition to coaxial machine guns and smoke grenade launchers. Despite having multiple prototypes completed, the Object 781 was not adopted. But with an insane amount of firepower—six independently targetable guns—could this vehicle be even better than the currently adopted BMPT?

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