Russia’s New ‘Terminator’ Tank Might Be Able to Kill One of America’s Most Deadly Weapons

    Michael Peck

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    We have all the details. 

    Russia is developing a third generation of its BMPT-72 Terminator combat support tank.

    The vehicle, designed to support tanks and infantry, will also be able to shoot down drones, according to Russian media.

    “The new vehicle will be able to operate against all types of targets: air, ground, enemy troops and material targets,”  Sergei Abramov, a director of the state-owned Rostec armament firm, told Sputnik News.

    Changes could include “ground-to-air projectiles with an adjustable trajectory, which will allow the Terminator-3 to bring down unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as burst projectiles and larger-caliber main guns,” another defense industry official told Sputnik News. Abramov said the vehicle’s crew size could be cut from five to three through increased automation.

    Though based on a T-72 tank chassis, the 44-ton BMPT-72 is technically not a main battle tank like a regular T-72 or a U.S. M-1 Abrams. Instead of a big gun, it is armed with two 30-millimeter autocannon, two automatic grenade launchers, four Ataka anti-tank missiles and a heavy machine gun. The Terminator is intended to be a combat support vehicle, a well-armored backup to regular tanks and infantry, especially those operating in urban terrain where weapons like rapid-fire cannon and grenade launchers come in handy.

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