Status-6: What Russia Is Saying About Its 100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo

    Lyle J. Goldstein

    Security, Europe

    The new Russian underwater doomsday weapon Status-6 is a fitting symbol of the New Cold War and its senselessness.

    The “collateral damage” of the Russia investigation becomes ever more apparent. From the breakdown of American institutional norms between the executive and the legislature, to increasing distrust regarding the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus to regional crises, for example in Syria, that seem to spin increasingly out of control, the probe has brought both U.S. domestic and foreign policy making to a the point of crisis. Yet these calamities, which are largely advantageous to newspaper subscriptions and cable news ratings, may mask a deeper and more fundamental threat: the accelerating pace of a nuclear arms race [гонка ядерных вооружений] between Moscow and Washington.

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