Steve Wozniak “Doesn’t Believe Anything Elon Musk Says”

    This may shock some out there – but not everyone in the world buys into Elon Musk’s ever-increasing hyperbole of the future of his companies.

    While most naysayers are brushed off as ‘bears with an ax to grind’ or more simply – “you just don’t get it” – there is one man who falls into neither of those cohorts and has seen enough Silicon Valley smoke-and-mirrors to know a bullshitter when he sees one

    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.



    As The San Jose Mercury News reports, Wozniak – who once said there is “way too much hype” around Tesla despite owning two of the cars – told a conference in Sweden last week…

    “I don’t believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says…But I still love the car.”

    Wozniak compared Musk’s salesmanship to that of Jobs… but not in the most flattering way.

    “I love that car but the trouble is, Elon Musk is portrayed in a lot of movies with a lack of faith and trust,” said Wozniak.

    “What he says, can you really believe in him? Is he just a good salesman like Jobs and may not be there (in the end)?”

    Wozniak also took shots at the state of Tesla’s current state of self-driving technology. He said longtime car manufacturers such as Audi and BMW are ahead of Tesla in the race for self-driving cars.

    “When a Tesla runs in any condition on a highway that is a little unusual  — a cone in the middle of a lane — you have to move over,” said Wozniak. “A dumb human or a smart human can easily do it, but the Tesla can’t. Man, you’ve got to be on your toes all the time with it.”

    Perhaps the lack of enthusiasm for Tesla’s stock and bonds are starting to show the loss of faith in Musk’s vision?





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