Superpower in the Sky: Why Israel Wants F-35s and Deadly New F-15s

    Zachary Keck

    Security, Middle East

    And why their enemies should be worried. 

    Although the F-35 saw its first combat duty this week in Israel, the Jewish state has reportedly decided to purchase more of the most advanced version of Boeing’s F-15 rather than buy more Joint Strike Fighters.

    On May 16, Flight Global—an aviation-focused news source—reported that Israel is proposing a deal to purchase twenty-five F-15Is in an advanced configuration. This would double the number of F-15Is the Israeli Air Force (IAF) currently operates. As part of the proposed nearly $ 4 billion deal, Boeing would also modernize Israel’s existing twenty-five F-15Is to bring them up to the same level as the new ones.

    Although the Global Flight report doesn’t specify, it seems to be referring to the recommendation made by the head of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin. Reports earlier this year said that his recommendation was supposed to come sometime in May. The IAF’s recommendation has to be approved by the General Staff and a ministerial committee. But, according to the previously mentioned Haaretz report, “the recommendation of the air force generally carries the day.”

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