Taiwan Now Has a Plan to Save Its Best Submarines (That Are 30 Years Old)

    Asia Times

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    Taipei sees the move as a way to improve its future defenses.

    Taiwan’s defense ministry has reached a deal with a Dutch firm to modernise the two ageing submarines that form part of its maritime defenses against an invasion by China. But this means the navy will have no viable submersible deterrent at its disposal for two years.

    Rotterdam-based firm RH Marine, which supplies a range of maritime electrical and automation systems, will determine the feasibility of an upgrade and provide technical support for the subs, which were built some 30 years ago in the Netherlands. Both are in the Hai Lung class of vessels, modeled on the Dutch Navy’s antiquated Zwaardvis series.

    The refitting will take place from 2020 to 2022, with the aim of extending their lifespan beyond the 2030s, according to the defense ministry report, which has a four-year program of upgrading the navy’s minuscule submarine “fleet”. RH Marine will help overcome issues such as cramped interiors and systems integration.

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    Combat capabilities will also be modernized, partly with the aim of addressing a shortage of parts due to the submarines’ advanced ages. The navy wants to equip the vessels with long-range heavy torpedoes from the US, and upgrade their electronic warfare and combat systems, Taipei-based Liberty Times reported, citing a defense official.

    It revealed that Taiwanese officials had approached representatives of an unnamed US defense manufacturer at the Taiwan-US Defense Business Forum earlier this month and reached a tentative agreement for the sale of unidentified equipment for the subs.

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