Tank War: America’s ‘New’ M1 Abrams vs. Russia’s Deadly Armata (Who Wins?)

    TNI Staff


    Ultimately, it is likely that the T-14 and Abrams offer comparable performance—neither is likely to have insurmountable advantage over the other.

    If tensions between Russia and the United States spill over into open warfare in Europe, the conflict would inevitably escalate into a nuclear war. But even during a potential World War III, there might be a gradual escalation into a nuclear Armageddon. In the unlikely scenario of a future conflict in the late 2020s for example in the vicinity of Kaliningrad, perhaps sparked by some sort of unintentional clash, Russian and American armor may square off against each other.

    By the mid-2020s, the U.S. Army’s tank force will be dominated by the General Dynamics Land Systems M1A2 SEP v.4 Abrams main battle tank. Compared today’s SEP v.2 and the SEP v.3, which is just starting to be introduced, the SEP v.4 will have improved sensors, networking and protection. However, it will largely be similar to today’s Abrams.

    The Russian ground forces, however, would likely be equipped with a mix of T-72B3Ms, T-80BVMs, T-90Ms and some number of T-14 Armatas. Of these, the most formidable on paper the T-14, which features advanced protection systems and an unmanned turret. It also offers excellent mobility.

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    Captain Stefan Bühler, graduate engineer at the University of Applied Sciences, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer at the NBC-KAMIR Competence Center for the Swiss Armed Forces and Commander of Tank Squadron 12/1, argues that the T-14 offers a high power to weight ratio at roughly the same ground pressure. Thus, the 48-ton Armata should be much more maneuverable than the Abrams or the German Leopard 2 for that matter.

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