The AK-47, M-16, M240, the PK and QBZ-95 Assault Rifle: 5 Most Deadly Guns of War

    Kyle Mizokami


    Killers you need to know about 

    The PK was also invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Although it resembles the M240, it is in the same class as the U.S. Marine Corps’ M-27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, or the NATO Minimi/M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon. The PK fills an important role as a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). Although most infantrymen throughout the world carry weapons capable of fully automatic or burst fire, trained soldiers rarely fire full auto. Full-auto fire from lightweight assault rifles is generally inaccurate and rapidly consumes ammunition.

    Modern warfare has seen breathtaking advances in the last hundred years, as mortal competition between nations spawns successively deadlier weapons. Aircraftmissilestankssubmarines and other inventions—many of which did not exist in practical terms in 1914—have quickly earned key positions in the militaries of the world.

    Yet there is still one invention that, although conceived more than five hundred years ago, still has a vital place on today’s battlefield: the infantry weapon and supporting arms. No matter how high tech the armed forces of the world have become, warfare since the end of the Second World War has consistently involved some form of infantry combat.

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