The End of the F***ing World: What We Know About a Potential Season 2

Netflix debuted a new drama on Jan. 5 with The End of the F***ing World, a dark comedy about two misfit teens who go on a road trip. The girl, Alyssa, thinks they’re trying to find her father, but the boy, James, has another idea in mind – at the end of the journey, he plans to kill her.

It’s a dark show, to be sure, though not as dark as the description might have you believe. But what viewers are most wondering about is whether there will be a second season, after the season one finale ended on a massive, vague cliffhanger. Here’s what we know so far.

Warning: spoilers ahead for season one.

In season one, after James and Alyssa find her father (who turns out to be a real scumbag), they end up breaking into a house because they don’t have any real plans or path forward. When the house’s occupant surprises them, he attacks Alyssa and James kills the man while protecting her. They go on the run, eventually being caught by the authorities.

James confesses to the murder and says Alyssa had nothing to do with it, but she decides to protect James this time and knocks out DC Noon (DC stands for detective constable in the UK) so James can escape. He in turn hits Alyssa so she can’t run away, and as he flees across the beach, a shot rings out and the show cuts to black.

This scenario easily lends itself to a second season. Who got shot? Was it James? Or was it Alyssa shooting one of the police officers? There are a lot of ways the show could go with that. It could keep the two teens on the run together, or it could see them both captured, or it could have James arrested and Alyssa feeling responsible and trying to bust him out. The possibilities are endless.

There’s no word yet on whether there will be a season two, but fans are clamoring for it.

On Reddit, one user said the comic ends a little differently than the show, with James definitely sacrificing himself to save Alyssa. So there isn’t any source material with which to continue the show, but there are plenty of ideas out there.

One poster floats the idea of there being a time jump of two years, so the show catches up with the two kids after they’ve finished school and are now backpacking through Europe together. Of course, that doesn’t resolve the cliffhanger, but it’s a nice idea. Another user suggests the second season pick up with them making it to the boat they were going to escape on in season one and continuing from there.

Of course, there are a few viewers out there who don’t want a second season and like the ambiguity of the season one finale. “I hope they don’t have a second series as good as it was, I think the ending is quite fitting and poetic,” one Reddit poster wrote. And a Twitter user said:

It sounds like if there is a second season, there won’t be any shortage of viewers for it. But there hasn’t been any word so far one way or another.



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