The Nail Trends Our Editors Will Be Wearing This Fall

When we’re stuck at a desk all day, typing away, there’s one thing that’ll always make us feel happier: a freshly-polished manicure flying across our keyboard. It’s a small sense of satisfaction, like the feeling of writing in a fresh new notebook for the very first time. It’s self-care with a side of artistic expression, which is probably why it’s one of the most popular beauty treatments you can do.

Whatever tickles your fancy, from bright turquoise tones, meaningful messaging, or a new take on a French tip — there are countless ways to try something new. For fall, nail pro Jessica Washick recommends stepping out of your normal nail comfort zone. “We typically end up in a neutral zone in fall, almost pavement-like colors — but this year jewel tones have caught my eye,” she says. “They feel very progressive!”

Sourced from the treasure trove of intricate nail art on Instagram, our editors have rounded up all the nails we want on our fingers right now. From pale pink to political printing, there’s something for everyone ahead.

“My love for a French manicure in 2017 is shocking to even myself (all trends do come back, it turns out). But unlike the pink-and white nails I wore to every school dance, this resurgence includes a naked nail topped with a bright, colorful tip. C’est chic!” — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor


“Confession: I follow SoCal jeweler Marrow & Fine just for the nails. This particular look, which I’m calling eclipse nails, is my absolute favorite. I’ve already done it twice over the past few months and it’s quickly become my most complimented nail look, maybe ever.” — Lebsack


“As you can probably tell by now, I am in love with negative-space manicures. It started as a way to make my gels last longer (no grow out, baby!), and now I can’t stop. It’s chic and modern and so damn cool. This half dip is made even dreamier thanks to an artsy drop of polish.” — Lebsack

“I’ve probably listened to “Bodak Yellow” one too many times, because I’m Cardi B crazy — from her hair to her makeup, all the way down to those bloody shoes she loves. Of course, her nails are literally on point, too. Jenny of Nails on 7th in the Bronx is Cardi’s go-to manicurist, and constantly makes the star shine even brighter with her blinged-out tips.” — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer


“This manicure is the closest I’ll get to fulfilling my fantasy of being a gallery girl with a razor-sharp bob, chic glasses, and encyclopedic knowledge of abstract expressionism.”— Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor


“All Gucci everything, all the time.”— Tunell


“I wouldn’t get the word ‘savage,’ but I am very into words and phrases on nails right now (particularly partial to ‘fuck this,’ which’ll work ’til 2020, unless we’re very lucky).”— Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor


“I’m obsessed with the Champion-inspired nails from Kith’s Spring 2018 show. I love the classic color scheme, geometric shapes, and the fact that the nails reference a century-old sportswear company that’s suddenly become trendy again …but in a subtle way. It’s equal parts cool, bold, and a lil’ camp — and I dig that.”— Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer


“I am also really, really into these colorful nails. I’m loving turquoise on the eyes right now — especially when paired with bold colors, like mandarin orange or bright red — and clever takes on French tips, so this creation is right up my alley.”— Chan


“Call me boring, but I love naked-looking nails. With this look you can trick people into thinking you have naturally perfect nails. The upkeep includes: buffing your ends into long, oval tips, then adding a sheer polish or top coat. Part lazy, part effortlessly chic.”— Megan Decker, Beauty Production Assistant


“I wish I could say these nails attract the art history buff inside my soul, but they don’t. The Piet Mondrian classic reminds me less of his work of art and more of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s iconic dresses in Our Lips Are Sealed .” — Sam Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant


“I’m with Alix on loving how people are sending messages with their nails this season. We’ll be twinning with this resist design.” — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director


“I love these simple ‘stitch nails,’ which look totally rad and unique — but admittedly are probably a bitch to grow out.” — Quinn


“I am in love with purple and lilac shades for fall. This minimalist design is not only cute, but it will look good no matter how long I let my nails grow out. Gotta love a low maintenance nail.” — Quinn

“I’d love to be the type of person who’s never seen without a perfectly on-trend, Instagram-ready mani, but I don’t love spending hours at the nail salon. Therefore, I always stick to the most basic of the basics: simple, flattering shades of nude. I like the pale pink undertones of this particular variation — anything too beige looks unsettlingly mannequin-y on me, but this one is just right.” — Rachel Krause, Beauty Writer


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