The Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Could Be a Killer Thanks to a Missile from Norway

    Zachary Keck

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    Or the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile. Here is the latest. 

    The U.S. Navy has officially selected the future anti-ship missile for its littoral combat ships.

    On June 1, Defense News reported that the U.S. Navy has selected the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile as the over the horizon anti-ship missile for its littoral combat ships (LCS). The missile will likely arm America’s future frigates as well. The contract is only initially for $ 14.8 million, but there are contract options that could raise its value to more than $ 847 million.

    “Raytheon and Kongsberg are providing the Navy with a proven, off-the-shelf solution that exceeds requirements for the over-the-horizon mission,” President of Raytheon Missile Systems Taylor W. Lawrence said in a press statement. “Because it is operational now, NSM saves the United States billions of dollars in development costs and creates new high-tech jobs in this country.”

    The competition had originally been a three-way battle between Lockheed Martin’s Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), Boeing’s extended-range Harpoon missile, and the Naval Strike Missile jointly submitted by Kongsberg and Raytheon. However, last year Lockheed Martin and Boeing dropped out of the competition, arguing that the U.S. Navy had skewed its requirements in favor of the Kongsberg-Raytheon Naval Strike Missile.

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