The Simple Reason why Russia’s Military Is Back

    Dave Majumdar

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    And ready for anything. 

    Overall, the DIA analysis—like its Cold War-era predecessor Soviet Military Power that was first published in 1981—is hawkish in its outlook. Only time will tell if the DIA’s analysis proves to be accurate, but as we learned after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, Soviet Military Power often contained gross exaggerations that were likely the result of faulty intelligence.

    The Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency has released a new assessment of Russian military power—reviving a Cold War-era practice. The agency concludes that the modern Russian military builds upon its Soviet heritage but has modernized its capabilities and doctrine for the present day.

    “The Russian military has built on the military doctrine, structure, and capabilities of the former Soviet Union, and although still dependent on many of the older Soviet platforms, the Russians have modernized their military strategy, doctrine, and tactics to include use of asymmetric weapons like cyber and indirect action such as was observed in Ukraine,” the DIA report states.

    What a War Between China and Japan Would Look Like

    In the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian military atrophied into a pale shadow of its once mighty Soviet forbearer. While the Soviet Union renounced the first use of nuclear weapons, the new Russia relied upon those weapons to offset its conventional weakness. However, Russia is trying to reduce its reliance on nuclear weapons as it rebuilds its conventional forces and adopts modern precision-guided munitions.

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