These Hilarious Fenty Beauty Reviews Are Reason Enough To Stock Up

Everyone knows if you want to know the truth about a beauty product, you head to the reviews section. Like a brutally honest friend, this is where people hold nothing back. Does that one lip gloss attract hair like a Venus flytrap? Will this foundation camouflage better than FaceTune? If you’ve got a question, they have the answers. But there’s one brand with customer reviews on a whole other level: Fenty Beauty.

Since the line dropped late last year, every single one of its products has accumulated hundreds of rave reviews — some of which are downright hilarious. So, we decided to round up the best of the best to help you decide which highlighter or matte lipstick you should stock up on next.

Click ahead for the funniest, and most helpful, Fenty Beauty reviews the internet can offer. Enjoy.

“Excellent. Marvelous. Awesome. Fabalous [ sic]. Exceptional. Inspirational. Trend setting. Beautiful. Flawless. A look. A lifestyle. Fenty Beauty.” — LUVURIRI

Fenty, $ 18, available at Sephora

“I mean . . . I’m trying to be humble but I can’t. I’m fly. I only need one application on my face and it looks like I’ve been blessed. Like… I drink my water, mind my bidness [sic], and only get petty when it’s well deserved. I walk around looking like a life-size Academy Award. If you don’t stop and ask me what am I using for my skin, then you’re just a hater ’cause I’m stopping traffic. I’m getting invited to all the cookouts, your boyfriend, his brother AND his best friend want to holler at me but I’m faithful to my man. My man is trying to find a way to love me a little less but he can’t cause I’m even more elevated. And I’m just steady blessing his life. What can I say? #440 was good to me. I already have great skin… but now… it’s like it ain’t safe for me to walk down these streets anymore. I’m too fly to walk with common folk now… Bless up. And I mean that in the most humblest way possible.” – EDEN

Fenty, $ 34, available at Sephora

“Ok I was confused at first…I went with husband [ sic] to try this palette in person and swatched all the shades on my arm & noticed how sheer the colors were.. so I passed on it.. Later we went out to eat at chillis ate fajita nachos and drank a few margaritas then I began to notice how pretty the glitters were shining on my arm swatches..altho the colors faded.. the glitter looked multi colored and pretty…” -rachluv512

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, $ 59, available at Sephora

“This is why Rihanna is Rihanna! Okay. So forget anyone who says that this product is not a five star because ya’ll…. they are ly-ing!!!! This is da bomb! Wa gwahhnn ri! First off, the color pay off is ri-dic-u-lussttt [ sic]! With one swipe I was able to get my entire lip colored and with full pigmentation.” – bobtheboss

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, $ 24, available at Sephora

“It’s like Pokemon, you gotta cath [sic] them all!” – PITANAMBU

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, $ 24, available at Sephora

“GURL THE PIGMENT!!!! I can’t Riri! I LITerally can’t. These are shades that I would feel uncomfortable in, but with my dark tone and your formula… THEY MATCH OKAY. LORD baby Jesus. I don’t regret buying these. Also the packaging, TO DIE FOR. So cute.” – Kathleen MD

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, $ 18, available at Sephora

“Rihanna did what every mother does with bomb mac and cheese and put her foot in this ENTIRE line. But, this foundation is life in a bottle!” – FABIENNE

Fenty, $ 34, available at Sephora

“I kept going back and forth on this highlight. Asking myself ‘do I really need another highlight??’ I swatched it in store and patted it onto my cheek bones. Although it was beautiful… I still wasn’t sure if I NEEDED it. My husband and I went to dinner and while we were sitting there he said “your glowing” [ sic] I dropped my fork! Lol I told him to take me back to Sephore because I’m buying the darn highlight.” – freshface 1010.

Fenty, $ 34, available at Sephora

“Holy moly: So I bought the matchstix in chili mango because I was feeling fiesty [ sic] but then I got nervous because I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. I. WAS. WRONG. It looks SOOOOO good. I’m a 360 in the foundation (which I’m waiting for the restock, helloooo) just to get an idea of my skin tone. It’s a perfect highlight/blush.” — ADU3

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, $ 25, available at Sephora

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