This is what smelled so bad in Toronto yesterday

It’s not just you, friends; much of the GTA smelled like literal s-h-i-t yesterday.
That “eau de merde” scent appears to have dissipated, for the most part, as of Friday morning, but it got much of Toronto talking (and checking their shoes) on Thursday afternoon. 

And it looks like a lot of Torontoians are sharing their thoughts about the smell in the city right now. Why does Toronto smell?
— Kris Pangilinan (@KrisReports) October 19, 2017

People from Fort York to North York were tweeting about the stench, many of them sharing theories about what was behind it.
A lot of citizens initially thought they’d stepped in dog and / or horse droppings.

Why does Toronto smell like poo or did everyone step in dog poo? I checked my shoes like three times and my skirt
— aj (@likeaphenomena) October 19, 2017

Some blamed those gross-smelling Ginko trees (which, for the record, smell more like vomit than poop.)

When there is a *serious* thread on /r/toronto about a mysterious west-end rank smell – blame the Ginkgo trees
— Jennifer Stanley (@jebstan) October 20, 2017

Others wondered why our city smelled like farm country. They were closest to solving the mystery.

Why does downtown Toronto smell like a farm?
— Nikki B (@nikkbetts) October 19, 2017

As it turns out, the widespread smell of was caused by cow poop – which is better known in agricultural circles as “manure” or “fertilizer.”
City Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina) broke the news early Friday morning, explaining that The City’s Parks Department had spread fertilizer across local sports fields.

What’s that smell TO? As part of Parks dept field maintenance, organic fertilizer is being applied to sports fields.
— Mike Layton (@m_layton) October 20, 2017
So there you have it, Toronto. It smelled like crap outside because there was lots and lots of crap outside.
How did you think our gardens grow?



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