This Might Be Chrissy Teigen’s Most Relatable Tweet Yet

She may be 15 million Instagram followers, six inches in height, and one musically inclined husband ahead of me — not like I’m counting or anything — but there is one thing I have in common with Chrissy Teigen: streaks of gray hair.

Despite being in my late 20s, I’ve counted more flecks of silver on my head than I have wrinkles on my face. That might sound odd — terrifying even, considering society’s fear of getting older. The good news, however, is that my experience is not an isolated one. You could be Kendall Jenner, Tracee Ellis Ross, my 24-year-old brother, or one of the dozens of people responding to Tiegen’s tweet about looking like Cruella de Vil and the truth will always be this: Grays are about as inevitable as death or taxes. (Someone should alert Benjamin Franklin.)

Which is probably why Teigen’s most recent post resonated with so many Twitter users. In it, she wrote: “I have a skunk like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it. My cruella dreams are coming true!”

And like the Women’s March, people immediately banded together to root each other on. In fact, Teigen’s tweet sparked a low-key gray hair revolution, with countless others sharing their own stories, pictures, and experiences.

But perhaps it was Twitter user KeepOnBelieveInn who said it best: “That isn’t gray…that is SILVER….. sparkles like the stars we are!!” Of course, Teigen isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, to jump on-board. Stacy London will tell you what not to wear — and even she won’t cover up the gray streak in her hair. And you don’t need to terrorize 101 dalmatians to get down with that.

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