True Dangers Posed by North Korea


This article’s purpose is not to deal with the political issues behind the potential conflict between North Korea and the United States. For some time, now, the United States has needed a “wake up call” among the citizens. The Obama administration carried on a disinformation campaign of denying North Korean capabilities. The reason: to downplay the threat (increasing over the years) and simultaneously to weaken the United States by eroding her military capabilities and opening us up to an attack.

That being mentioned, the naysayers among “experts” who concluded that “North Korea does not possess the capability to inflict a nuclear strike on the United States” are now in full-180-degree mode: now they are admitting the truth.

There could not be much more of a stark truth than the words spoken after the successful test launch of North Korea’s newest ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) on 11/29/17. The U.S. Secretary of Defense, General Mattis said this:

“[The missile] went higher, frankly, than any previous shots they have taken. It’s a research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missile that could threaten everywhere in the world basically.”

So, to add to what he said came the words of Colonel Robert Manning, a spokesman for the Pentagon, who said this:

            “Initial assessment indicates that this missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile.”

In this “connect-the-dot” game that has been ongoing, now, for the past year and gathering steam with President Trump’s inauguration, the experts have had to admit (begrudgingly) that North Korea can strike the United States.  This launch is different, because not only is re-entry confirmed (the missile traveled 10 times higher than the ISS, the International Space Station), but on a flat trajectory it can easily reach Washington. Estimates placed that range on this one as being 8,100 miles, more than 1,500 miles greater than the distance needed to hit Washington, D.C.

The big “news” is this: The missile reached the height of at least 4,000 km (about 2,400 miles), and at that height, the concern is that with such a height, it cannot be accurately estimated or determined what the destination of the missile is.

Such is perfect for an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon to be used.

In September we saw the “death by defunding” of the Commission to Assess the EMP threat against the United States. Its most vocal and esteemed chair and spokespersons, Dr. Graham and Dr. Pry have pleaded unsuccessfully with Congress and the President to take the decades of research and classified information gathered about North Korea seriously. They have repeatedly warned about an EMP strike against the United States.

What would happen? Except for shielded installations (mostly among military bases and governmental installations), we would lose our power grid. A “cascade effect” would follow, as everything in our society is dependent upon instantaneous communications, transportation, and financial systems only functional with electricity. There is also the unknown factor of the nuclear power facilities: Each has a backup electrical system with generators, however, nobody really knows if these will be working after an EMP strike.

Picture several dozen Fukushimas all over the United States…the problem especially being with the ability to cool the reactors and to cool the piles of spent nuclear material kept in storage. Add to this the demands of 325 million people who all still need food, water, medicine, and a myriad of other requirements…all of a sudden, thrust back into a pre-industrial state of living. As of this writing, Senator (in name only) Lindsay Graham is stating that we may have to go to war, and Tillerson is talking about a naval blockade.

We’ll see what happens, but as I’ve written in previous articles, the loss of millions of lives either potentially or in actuality is a serious matter, and war is one vehicle that can serve to bring the U.S. down completely in the march toward globalism. Better to be wrong about it a thousand times and be as aware and prepared as you can be than to be right about it once without a plan and supplies in place. Let the facts from research by Dr. Graham and Dr. Pry be your guide, as well as the ineptitude, crookedness, possible hidden agendas, and self-interests of our politicians also guide you to making the right decisions for you and your family.

The next world war will be initiated by an EMP attack, followed by a nuclear war and then a war with conventional forces.



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