Video: Split Decision: Can one of these Democrats unseat Texas Sen. Konni Burton?

Of the state’s 31 senate districts, Texas Senate District 10 is the closest to a swing district. In 2016, Donald Trump just barely beat Hillary Clinton there.

Two Democrats, Allison Campolo and Beverly Powell, are vying to unseat state Sen. Konni Burton, a Colleyville Republican. Burton won her seat in 2014, after Democrat Wendy Davis chose to run for governor rather than for re-election.

Campolo, an academic who hails from Irving and now calls Euless home, refers to herself as a “progressive.”

Powell, a real estate developer who has also held a number of local leadership positions including past chairwoman of the board of trustees at Texas Wesleyan University, describes herself as a “moderate.”

Their campaigns reflect those different labels, at least when it comes to endorsements, with Powell garnering support from Davis and well-known Democratic groups like Planned Parenthood Texas Votes and Annie’s List.

In the latest edition of our “Split Decision” video series, watch as the two candidates address what separates them, how they would reform the public education system and the significance of the wave of women running during this election cycle.



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