Watch Live: Ben Bernanke Interviews Janet Yellen

Less than a month after Donald Trump unceremoniously kicked Janet Yellen out of the Fed after a four-year term as Federal Reserve chair, today at 2:00 p.m. another former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke will interview Yellen on her career, her time at the Fed, her observations about the current state of the economy and the challenges that confront us. Following their conversation, the two former Fed chairs will take questions from the audience.

This is how UBS’ chief economist Paul Donovan previewed the interview: “much excitement as one highly respected economist sits down to interview another highly respected economist. Former Fed Chair Bernanke will be talking with former Fed Chair Yellen on economics and policy. What they say when unconstrained by politics will be market relevant.”

Readers can participate in the conversation, and have their questions asked, using the #FedDuet hashtag on twitter.



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