We Now Have Evidence Russia Seems Pleased with Its Military in Syria

    Nicholas J. Myers

    Security, Middle East

    Some key promotions just came in. 

    In the final days of November 2017, the Russian High Command reshuffled several positions, most notably both the Eastern and Central Military Districts received new commanders. Immediately striking is the fact that Alexander Lapin, the new Central Military District commander, is a Lieutenant General (in Russia, this is a two-star rank) whereas all the other military districts are commanded by Colonel Generals (three-stars), including General Lapin’s predecessor.

    The new commander in the Eastern Military District, Col. Gen. Alexander Zhuravlyov, was the commander of the Russian Group of Forces in Syria from July to December 2016. General Lapin served as Chief of Staff of the Group of Forces in Syria. In addition to them, the commanders of the Southern and Western Military Districts, Col. Gen. Alexander Dvornikov and Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov, also served as commanders of the Russian Group of Forces in Syria.


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