We Now Know Taiwan’s Master Plan to Stop a Chinese Invasion

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    But would it work? 

    Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has just capped a biennial review of its overall defense strategy with a report made public this week, providing a glimpse of how the island plans to fend off mainland China’s saber-rattling or, if it transpires, actual aggression.

    Meanwhile, the ministry has said it will discontinue media briefings on Chinese warplanes’ intrusions into Taiwan’s air defense zone, provided that no emergencies occur, now that such flyovers by the PLA Air Force have in effect become a “new normal.”

    The mainland, for its part, gibed that the decision only confirmed Taiwan’s “insecurity and inability.”

    Chinese pilots had circled Taiwan in 15 such air incursions and flown past the Miyako Strait seven times this year as of December 11, and in one unprecedented drill, Chinese H-6K bombers were spotted above the high seas close to the Bashi Channel off southern Taiwan, which is a vital waterway linking the South China Sea and western Pacific.

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    The Taiwanese military is said to be developing nimble assault ships resembling fishing boats or yachts capable of firing one missile each time against invading Chinese amphibious assault vessels. These miniaturized warships would sail from fishing ports, steered by just two or three marines wearing civilian clothing, according to United Daily News.

    However, Chief of General Staff Lee Hsi-ming, who first conceived the unconventional tactic, was soon greeted with ridicule as netizens and observers questioned its feasibility, as these “sampan” warships would not be fitted with any defensive armaments, or even radar to guide them close to an enemy fleet.

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