We Put Three “Universally Flattering” Brow Products To The Test

Even the most symmetrical faces out there know that no two brows are the same — sisters, not twins, as the saying goes. And anyone who spends at least five minutes filling in their brows every morning will also have a favorite sister… and a not-so-fave one.

Luckily, there is a plethora of cult faves and new brow launches every season to sculpt your brows into almost-twins if you so desire. Here, three Refinery29 staffers show us their daily eyebrow looks, from a three-product routine to a simple one-tool technique. Are you like Sam, who not only fills in her brows, but uses a gel and a concealer for a light contour? Or are you more like Sloan, who simply pencils in her brows after brushing them out with a spoolie brush?

Naturally, a few common faves came up. We can’t talk about sculpting our brows without mentioning Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz, after all. It would be like discussing red lipsticks and completely forgetting about Ruby Woo. But several brands have released what they deem “universal” brow products — tricky, when you have customers with a wide range of skin tones. Our beauty fans put three supposedly universally flattering brow tamers to the test, and surprise, surprise, not all of them lived up to their claims.

Watch the video above to learn a few new techniques for Insta-worthy brows, and see which brow launch actually worked on all three of our testers. Then let us know if we missed your favorite products in the comments below.

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