Why the Glock 19X and Colt Night Cobra Could be the Most Deadly (New) Guns on the Planet

    Kyle Mizokami


    Along with these three others. 

    The Night Cobra is meant for concealed-carry work, and an effort was made to make to remove protrusions that would catch on clothing. One result is that the Night Cobra has a bobbed or shortened hammer. The hammer is too short to advance the cylinder manually in single-action mode, and the Night Cobra is double action only. Rubber VZ G10 grips ensure a good grip on what is undoubtedly a fairly high-recoil handgun. The sights are user upgradeable.

    Held annually in Las Vegas, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show is known as the industry event where new firearms of all kinds are introduced to the public. From self-defense revolvers to precision rifles, SHOT is the place to see the latest innovations in the world of guns. Let’s take a look at five weapons introduced at SHOT 2018.

    Glock 19X

    The U.S. Army may not have wanted the Glock’s entry into the service’s Modular Handgun System (it may be reconsidering that decision), but ordinary civilians undoubtedly will, and Austrian company is offering their MHS candidate, the Glock 19X, to the general public. The Glock 19X is a chimera of a handgun, with the frame of the full-sized Glock 17 but the Glock 19’s shorter four-inch barrel. As a result, the handgun is just 7.4 inches long. The pistol weighs just over a pound and a half unloaded, and just under two pounds loaded. This, as other observers have noted mimics the route that Colt took to release the Colt Commander, a derivative of the classic M1911A1 design offered to the U.S. military.

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