Why War with North Korea Is Inevitable

    Crispin Rovere

    Security, Asia

    War is the inevitable, and only, alternative.

    This July I outlined the case for war against North Korea, contingent on the failure of diplomacy and Kim Jong-Un’s continued march towards a long-range nuclear ICBM capability.

    Six weeks on North Korea has tested an ICBM, fired two missiles over Japan, and detonated a hydrogen bomb.

    Events are unfolding as predicted. The strategic arguments are exhaustively interrogated in the four-part debate between myself and Dr. David Santoro (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). The analysis remains unchanged, except to say that diplomatic avenues look bleak, time is running out, and the cost of war mounts daily as North Korea prepares and fortifies.

    This piece focuses on the reasons why deterrence is destined for failure and war on the peninsula is increasingly inevitable. A future piece will discuss the ethics of embarking on second Korean war (and those of advocating it).

    Why deterrence cannot work and shouldn’t be attempted

    Many believe that North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons, along with its conventional arsenal, rules out war.

    What a War Between China and Japan Would Look Like

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