You Can Buy This Tiny Home on Amazon, and Just Wait Till You See the Inside

In case you missed it, you can find pretty much anything your little heart desires on Amazon. Pickle-flavored potato chips? Yep, Amazon’s got those. Date-night-approved dresses? It sells plenty of ’em. Chic workout clothes? Amazon has you covered. A heated toilet seat? Psh, obviously it offers one of those. A tiny house that can be delivered to your doorstep? Erm, yes – Amazon has that, too.

Last year, we (and the rest of the world) were pretty darn floored to learn that Amazon was selling a teeny-tiny house for the price of $ 36,000. Of course, being fans of the small-space-living movement, we were curious to see if the online retailer sold any other modest dwellings similar to the one that initially went viral last year, and a quick Amazon search sure as heck didn’t disappoint. We came across another adorable house that’s surprisingly stylish and anything but cramped.

The 399-square-foot home retails at $ 64,900 (plus $ 4,800 in shipping) and features one bedroom and bathroom, a covered front porch (so cute!), a living room, and a kitchen with granite countertops. It also has windows galore and an open-concept floor plan. The seller, Titan Park Models, describes its offerings as being “perfect for weekend getaways, vacation cottages, or everyday living.”

We confirmed with Titan Park Models that this particular humble abode unfortunately doesn’t come with all the decorative furnishings in the listing’s photos, but hey, at least it provides some decor inspiration! Ahead, take a peek inside the surprisingly spacious tiny home, which is now available for doorstep delivery, if you so please.



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